Frankie Boyle will take centre stage this September in a one off comedy event to talk about the referendum result.

Frankie Boyle's Referendum Autopsy, made by Zeppotron, an Endemol company exclusively for BBC iPlayer, will be filmed at Glasgow's Britannia Panopticon in front of a live studio audience shortly after the referendum vote on September 18.

The event will be a mix of stand up, review, discussion and audience interaction - all connected to the subject of the referendum result and its repercussions for both Scotland and the United Kingdom.

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Frankie will be joined by fellow comics, as well as a series of experts and high profile figures, many of whom may well take issue with Frankie's thoughts and opinions on matters related to the referendum.

They will analyse the campaign, scrutinize the celebrity endorsements, dissect the part that social media played in the lead up to the vote and take a satirical look at how the news at home and abroad covered the event.

And as Scotland will be in the voting habit, Frankie will propose some other motions that he wants the studio audience to vote on after each comedic discussion.

Given this is a BBC iPlayer exclusive comedy event, the duration will only be finalised on the day of delivery.

Ruth Phillips, Executive Producer, Zeppotron said: "We're delighted to be working with the searingly funny, utterly original Frankie Boyle and can't wait to bring his take on such a significant event to BBC iPlayer. We'll see Frankie both venting at his brilliant best and also challenged on his views, all to great comic effect."

Victoria Jaye, Head of TV Content, BBC iPlayer added: "The Scottish Referendum is one of the most significant political events of our time and we want BBC iPlayer to draw on the power of comedy to reflect on its outcome in a special, one-off event. Frankie is uniquely placed to create this for us, as one of the leading voices in modern satire - he proved a real audience draw starring in one of our iPlayer Original Comedy Shorts earlier in the year."