Hartbush Farm, near Amisfield, was revealed this week as the QMS monitor farm for Dumfries.

The farm is run by John and Amanda Paterson, in partnership with John's parents, James and Myrette, and in 2016 Hartbush will have been farmed by the Patersons for 100 years.

The family run 260 beef cows and 410 ewes on the farm which comprises 606 acres of owned land, plus an additional 130 acres on a seasonal-let basis.

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The first meeting will be held on December 13, and anyone interested in attending, or seeking further information should register by calling Anne McArthur at Smiths Gore on 01387 274381.

Market round-up

Craig Wilson sold 33 prime heifers at Ayr on Tuesday to a top of 230p per kg and an average of 204p, while eight prime bullocks peaked at 231p and levelled at 190p. Six young bulls averaged 191p.

In the rough ring, 133 beef cows averaged 115.8p and 236 dairy cows levelled at 93.2p. Thirteen bulls averaged 131.1p.

The firm also had 56 dairy cattle forward at its November pedigree sale.

Seven pedigree Holstein Friesian heifers sold to £2600gns and averaged 1943gns, while seven commercial dairy cattle peaked at £2000 for a B&W heifer in-milk and levelled at £1807.

Fifteen pedigree Holstein Friesian bulls averaged 1645gns. There were also 25 B&W bulling heifers that topped at £980 for a pen of six and levelled at £884.

The Cumberland & Dumfriesshire Farmers' Mart sold 5075 store lambs at its weekly sale in Longtown on Tuesday.

Top prices and averages: Suffolks to £56.50 and averaged £47.50; Texels £60 and £46.80; NCC £52 and £42.84; Charollais £49 and £42.77; Greyfaces £51.50 and £35.98; Hill Cheviots £47 and £32.69; Blackfaces £40 and £28.41; Herdwicks £34.50 and £21.04. The firm went on to hold its weekly sale in Dumfries yesterday, when they had 40 prime cattle forward that included 12 young bulls.

Bullocks sold to 223.5p and averaged 198.9p, while heifers peaked at 216.5p and levelled at 204.2p. Young bulls sold to 165.5p and averaged 135p.

There were 97 OTM cattle presented in the rough ring with beef cow averaging 128.4p and dairy cows levelling at 93.1p.

In the sheep ring, 1834 prime lambs sold to £83 and 216p to average 144.1p.

There were also 603 cast sheep forward with heavy ewes selling to £95.50 for Leicesters and averaging £46.50, while light ewes peaked at £50.50 for Cheviots and levelled at £28.50.

Craig Wilson sold 815 prime lambs in Newton Stewart yesterday to a top £76 and 181p to average 146.2p.

The 317 cast sheep forward also met a cheaper trade on the week with ewes selling to £67 for Texels and £52 for Blackfaces.