United Auctions sold 4530 prime lambs at Stirling on Thursday to a top of £95 per head and 211p per kg to average 143.8p (+6.3p on the week).

The Cumberland and Dumfriesshire Farmers Mart had 6679 prime hoggs forward at their weekly sale in Longtown on Thursday. Although best quality, export-weight hoggs were regularly fetching between 200 and 250p per kg, the average price was diluted by lighter and plainer types that remained harder to cash. Top prices on the day were £101.50 and 255p with the overall average levelling at 155p (+7.9p).

There were also 6799 cast sheep forward, and, with little demand from the Muslim community, only the very best Texel and Continental ewes were easy to sell. Heavy ewes sold to £134.50 for Texels and averaged £55.28 (-£5.04), while light ewes peaked at £64.50 for Lleyns and levelled at £29.41 (-£4.15). Rams sold to £115.50 for a Texel and averaged £56.65 (-£11.74).

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