The 103 pedigree Aberdeen Angus bulls that managed to find new homes at the United Auctions sale held at Stirling yesterday averaged £5182 (up £102 on the year), but 42% of those presented in the ring were turned out unsold.

Topping the day's trade at 18,000 guineas was the reserve champion from Neil Massie's Blelack herd.

The Beef Shorthorns may have achieved a better clearance rate of 71%, but the overall average slumped by £1013 on the year to just £3978 for the 55 sold.

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Lawrie & Symington sold 26 prime heifers in Lanark on Monday to a top of 238p per kg and an average of 213.4p (-7.8p on the week), while eight prime, beef-bred bullocks peaked at 235p and levelled at 213p (+3.3p). Nine prime, B&W bullocks averaged 168.2p (-4.4p).

In the rough ring, 32 beef cows averaged 138p and 42 dairy cows levelled at 111p. Twelve OTM cattle averaged 152p.

There were also 2422 prime hoggs that sold to a top of £96 per head and 224.9p per kg to average 160.6p (+13p).

The 764 cast sheep forward saw ewes sell to £117.50 for Texels and £55.50 for Blackfaces to average £50.65 overall (+£1.12).

The firm went on to sell 268 store bullocks at the same venue yesterday to a top of 238.4p and an average of 209.3p, while 208 store heifers peaked at 220.5p and levelled at 197.5p.

The Cumberland & Dumfriesshire Farmers' Mart had 1529 store hoggs and feeding ewes forward at its weekly sale in Longtown yesterday. Top prices and averages for store hoggs: Suffolks to £48 and averaged £42.32; Hill Cheviots £45 and £41.18; Texels £57 and £39.65; Greyfaces £37 and £32.03; Blackfaces £34 and £22.63.

Craig Wilson sold 19 prime bullocks at Ayr yesterday to a top of 227p and an average of 197p, while 32 prime heifers peaked at 235p and levelled at 208.8p.

In the rough ring, 66 beef cows averaged 139.8p and 107 dairy cows levelled at 110.7p. Eight bulls averaged 146.1p.

The firm had a larger show of 22 dairy cattle that included many quality lots and was topped by a Holstein Friesian heifer at £2080, and averaged £1608.42.

There were also 53 beef breeding forward that were a plainer show for quality. Top prices and averages: Heifers and calves to £1500 and averaged £1320; Cows and calves £1780 and £1412; Bulling heifers £1260 and £980.50; In-calf cows £1080 and £985; In-calf heifers £1260 and £1140.