It's unfortunate that the Energy, Enterprise and Tourism Committee is in high dudgeon about VisitScotland's alleged lack of frankness over its stewardship of the Bannockburn Live event.

The Scottish public mind all too easily slips into "it's all going to be a disaster" mode, and this sort of misunderstanding only encourages it.

Agenda understands that VisitScotland will next week try to build bridges with the committee over the issue, explaining that it had genuinely not resolved to take over responsibility for staging the event from the National Trust for Scotland until after the hearing.

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The underlying fact is that predictions of sales of 45,000 tickets over three days have had to be scaled back to 15,000 (at £20 or £75 for deluxe ones) over two days for the simple reason that Armed Forces Day has been scheduled for the same city on the same day. If the weather behaves, it should be a great day.