AGGREKO has won a contract to power the construction of the Izmit Bay Bridge in Turkey.

The £650 million suspension bridge, located around 30 miles to the south of Istanbul, will be the fourth longest of its type in the world when completed.

Japanese builder IHI Holding has agreed a deal to hire a fleet of Aggreko generators to provide 8.6 megawatts of back-up power during the project.

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Along with that 2MW of power is being supplied to Turkish contractor STFA which is involved in making the structure resistant to earthquakes by putting pylons into concrete foundation which will sit on a layer of gravel on the seabed.

Aggreko's equipment for that part of the development will be mounted on tugboats so it can be used at the offshore construction sites to run pumps and other dredging activities.The bridge is to open in 2016.