How's it going with Glasgow Life's publishing arm?

As Agenda reported recently, the council arts and sport quango seemed to have managed to fall out with the octogenarian author of its most interesting and newsworthy recent publication.

Sue Stephen's book, Collector's Daughter, about the Burrell family revealed for the first time the bizarre and "abusive" circumstances leading to the donation of one of Europe's greatest private art collections to the City of Glasgow. But the book was so poorly distributed it was very hard to get hold of. It should be back on the shelves this week - presuming, that is, Glasgow Life can make it more widely available, including places such as Waterstones.

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One Scottish publishing source tut-tutted that this is what happened when the public sector undertakes commercial activity without professional input, adding for good measure that the book is ludicrously under-priced at £9.99 and should be selling for £15. Glasgow Life seems to have gone out of its way to lose money, as well as lose friends.