A 10-year-old boy is in a state of frock after being told he could go to an all-girls' school.

Matthew Hills' parents feel Bromley Education Authority have skirted the issue of admissions problems by writing to suggest they consider sending their son to Bradbourne School, Bradbourne Vale Road, Sevenoaks.

Council spokesman Ann Clay said the letter was a standard one designed to give parents maximum choice of schools.

Keen footballer Matthew, of Lockesley Drive, Orpington, did not get a place at any of the secondary schools he applied for.

He has been directed to a place at Kemnal Technology College, which his parents refuse to accept, fearing their son is “not streetwise enough to survive in an all-boys' school”.

His mother Georgette, 38, received a letter from the education authority stating an out-of-borough place might be available at Bradbourne, which only takes girls below sixth form.

Paul and Georgette Hills moved house six years ago to ensure they were in the catchment area for co-education secondary school Coopers, Hawkwood Lane, Chislehurst, but that area has grown smaller as pressure on admissions increases.

Mrs Hills said: “They are having a laugh when they send us letters suggesting that we consider an all girls' school.

“The people who sign them obviously don't even read them. They don't know Matthew, and they don't seem to care how we feel.

“It's like they've put a 10-year-old on the scrapheap.”

Matthew said he felt left out as all his friends knew where they were going.

“At the leaving assembly they read out which secondary school everyone would be going to and I was the only one without,” he said.

Mrs Clay said: “The letter was a standard one sent to all parents who have not accepted the place they were directed to, though we did personalise the name of the addressee.”