Harrison & Hetherington Ltd held their annual show and sale of native-bred store cattle in St Boswells on Thursday when the championship was awarded to an AA cross bullock from Mr D Foley, Mirlaw House that went on to sell for £1300, while the reserve ticket went to M/s Hendry, Symington Mains, Stow for an AA cross heifer that fetched £1150.

Winning the pen of six or more native-bred cattle was Stobo Home Farm, Peebles with a pen of AA cross bullocks that raised £1240.

The 204 heifers forward sold to £1220 per head and 254.1p per kg to average £870.94 and 226.9p (+£99 and +9p on the year), while 446 bullocks peaked at £1300 and 288.1p to level at £1046.91 and 256.2p (+£83 and +14p).

C&D Auction Marts Ltd had 4297 prime hoggs forward in Longtown on Thursday that met an extreme trade as buyers competed to fill orders in the run up to Easter. Top prices on the day were £140 per head and 346p per kg with the overall average levelling at 238.6p (+6.4p on the week).

The firm also had another good show of 3605 cast sheep that met the dearest trade so far this year with 2243 heavy ewes selling to £178 for Texels and averaging £101.04 (+£16.74), while light/export-type ewes peaked at £96 for Blackfaces and levelled at £55.48 (+£8.82). Rams sold to £167 for a Suffolk and averaged £102.23.