Agenda seems to have caused "upset" last week, with its item criticising Glasgow Life for not having a ready supply of its new book revealing the dysfunctional family life of William Burrell.

A bit of investigation supports the suggestion that, while the council quango is good at many things, publishing does not seem to one of them. This is based on the assumption that the whole point of that business is make a book available to readers. But Collector's Daughter - The Untold Burrell Story has never been available to buy on Amazon, or through the UK's biggest high-street chain, Waterstones.

Glasgow Life claims it tried its best to get them to stock their book, but maintains that the biggest bookshop in the city that contains the Burrell Collection - Waterstones on Sauchiehall Street - wasn't interested.

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GL is currently reprinting the sold-out book, which will be back on the shelves in "early-mid June" after about a month of unavailability equally "upsetting" to the author and to many would-be readers. It's a bad sign when a body, instead of admitting a cock-up, takes umbrage instead.