The Diary

  • IF you are already celebrating Easter you will know that last Sunday was Palm Sunday, commemorating when Jesus rode into Jerusalem.

  • A READER on holiday in Argyll popped into a local shop to buy a Herald and found himself stuck behind a local woman who was blethering 19-to-the-dozen with the assistant.

  • A TOURIST attraction in Dunblane is the postbox painted gold in memory of Andy Murray's Olympic victory.

  • STRESSFUL places, airports.

  • YOU know that train ticket prices are reaching ridiculous proportions when even well-known authors complain about them.


  • THREE of Scotland's leading universities have resigned their membership of the CBI, arguing its decision to become a registered campaigner on the No side in the referendum fight is at odds with their political neutrality.

  • The Easter weekend was a good one for Scottish tourism, with two new attractions opening to visitors for the first time:

  • THE website of the National Trust for Scotland (NTS) describes the island of Canna as boasting "stunning scenery, a temperate climate and a sheltered harbour" and being one of the most hospitable of the isles of the Inner Hebrides.

  • An analysis of the current make-up of the Scottish Parliament conducted by The Herald has uncovered a striking fact:

  • The referendum debate enters a new phase today with the launch of the latest adverts by both campaigns.


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Ken Smith at Large