A statement necklace is exactly what it sounds like; a piece of jewellery that is bold, expressive and attention grabbing

It has the ability to make someone in a plain t-shirt and jeans look like an in-the-know fashionista. In the colder months when you can’t just rely on a good tan to get you noticed, donning a statement necklace will ensure all eyes remain firmly on you!

Flicking through the global fashion week street style photos, it’s obvious that bold necklaces are big news; also Marni and Lanvin sent some beautiful bejeweled takes on the trend down the catwalk.

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If money was no object, I wouldn’t hesitate before heading over to Net-a-Porter - they have some amazing jewellery and as far as statement necklaces, the offerings by J.Crew, Etro and Shourouk are stunning. However, coming in at between £165 and £690, they are so far out my budget it’s not worth saving up for!

Quality budget alternatives to statement necklaces are few and far between; many high street versions have the beginnings of something special, but lack the over-embellishment and grandeur that a necklace requires to be described as statement. However, after a good bit of snooping I’ve hunted down the best available at under £35 - a much more realistic budget! That way you’ll have enough left for some shoes to match.

Is there anything you would like me to source budget alternatives for in future posts? If so, let me know in the comments!