A campaign to put British trout back in the nation’s shopping baskets has been launched.

Trout recently dropped out of the UK’s list of top ten selling fish, which is dominated by cod, haddock, salmon, tuna and prawns.

The new campaign aims to encourage consumers to try different fishes and hopes to ensure the versatile, affordable and omega 3 rich trout maintains its place in the national diet.

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High-profile chefs such as Valentine Warner have already thrown their weight behind the campaign and trout producers across the country have also united to raise awareness of their delicious product.

Valentine, who has released three new trout recipes to show his support for the campaign, said: “Trout is a delicious and versatile ingredient to cook with, and this is a great opportunity to buy British and support your own food producers in a difficult market. I would encourage everyone to give this healthy and sustainable dish a try.”

Sales figures have shown an overall reduction in the volume of fish sold to UK households.

David Bassett, chief executive of the British Trout Association, said: “As the fish market has diversified over recent years, we have seen the market share of some of our traditional fish choices decrease. However, as UK consumers become increasingly concerned with issues relating to sourcing and supply of fish – not to mention the affordability of their weekly shop – it has never been more topical to highlight trout – a fish that is good value, nutritious and sustainably farmed right here in Britain.

“It is also important to remind the public that trout is an ‘oily fish’, meaning it is a source of key nutrients and vitamins including vitamin D, selenium and of course omega 3 essential fatty acids.

“On so many levels, trout equates to guilt free eating – be that because of where it comes from, how it is produced, or the nutritional benefits derived from including trout in your diet.”

For further information about the Buy British Trout campaign, along with Valentine Warner’s recipes, visit the British Trout Association website.