Hair curled into rollers, a mist of salt spray gently falling around her shoulders, Lucy Garvie sits patiently as the beauty and hair team from The Academy of Make-up work their magic.

Mascara is brushed across lashes, powder swept across cheeks. At the other side of the room Sunday Herald acting fashion editor Carrie McAdam is busy deciding which of the Jigsaw outfits to put the budding young model in first.

Garvie, 18-year-old female winner of the Sunday Herald Fashion Faces of the Future competition, is taking it all in her stride. It's her first photo-shoot since winning and being signed by the Model Team, but it doesn't show.

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Her fellow winner, 21-year-old Josh Wilson, is discussing details of the shoot in the Grand Central Hotel in Glasgow. What room for the first shot? Which outfit will he wear first? The team go for the Champagne Bar and a crisp white shirt, flat-fronted trousers and a knitted v-neck.

Garvie, from Aberdeen, is up first in a chocolate-and-navy sequin dress and blue suede shoes. After a few make-up and hair touch-ups she's ready to pose.

Garvie and Wilson each won a Model Team contract plus £500 to spend in Jigsaw and a selection of images by Herald & Times photographers for their portfolio.

Garvie, crowned female winner at the Fashion Faces of the Future grand finale last Sunday evening, is hoping to take full advantage of her one-year contract.She says: "I'm really excited about it. Obviously I've got to put in the effort as well, and I'm definitely ready for that. I love dressing up and I'd love to do a few catwalk shows and get some more experience. I'm going to try and use the opportunity I've been given as best I can."

Next it's Wilson's turn to step into the frame. Although he seems like a natural, he later admits that until recently he hadn't even considered a career in modelling. The Sainsbury's worker from Falkirk says it was his mum and girlfriend who entered him into the competition.

He says: "I actually didn't know anything about it until they gave me the Sunday Herald one day and I saw my face in it. I was confused and intrigued how I would do – would I get through to the final or the semi final? But it did work out very well in the end. I was shocked I won: I still am shocked."

With the first few shots of the day complete, it's time to change into another round of Jigsaw outfits and find a different location in the hotel.

Wilson is now thinking about pursuing a modelling career.

He adds: "Now that I've got a contract I think maybe I could do it as a career if things go to plan. For now though, I'm going to fit it around work."

Garvie adds: "I'm taking a gap year this year between school and university and so I'm doing this full-time this year. I'm planning to do English literature and history of art.

"Obviously if the modelling thing takes off I'd be willing to put off uni for a bit."