Shirley Manson, the Edinburgh front-woman of Garbage and star of Terminator: the Sarah Connor Chronicles, on coping with spots, getting rock star hair, and the best vampish lipsticks.

Shirley, who says her essential beauty tip is to "exfoliate, exfoliate, exfoliate often, But do it gently!" lists her favourite products that take pride of place in her beauty bag.

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Baume 27 by M.E Skinlab (£112)


This stuff is expensive and difficult to find but it is worth it. Soothes and nourishes tired skin. I am currently obsessed with it.

Goe Oil by Jao (£30)    


I love this product because it's easy to travel with. Comes in a tube, looks like a baume but goes on like an oil and leaves your body glowing and smelling like Cleopatra. A MUST for anything sleeveless.

Chanel Lipstick 118 (Vamp) (£25)


I normally wear Lady Danger by MAC but this dark burgundy is my current favourite both for its colour and its texture. It's neither satin nor matt but somewhere perfect in between. It glides on but stays put.

Savlon antiseptic cream (£1.79)


If I have a spot coming up, I mix a little Savlon with some Bobbi Brown concealer and pat it on to the area in question. Nine times out of ten the spot comes to nothing.

Dior Lip Maximizer (£22)


This works girls. It really works. I haven't had chapped lips since starting to use it despite flying every single day for two months straight. No word of a lie. Beats out ALL the competition, hands down, and leaves your lips plump, healthy and pink.

Aquage Illuminating Gelade for Hair (around £14) 


If you are looking for that shiny, wet or slick backed look - this is better than anything I have ever used before. It's easy to apply and doesn't harden but stays flexible whilst still managing to hold hair in place. 

Sanctuary Spa 5 Minute Thermal Detox Mask (£10.50)


My favourite five minute face mask bar none. Works like a charm.

Shiseido Retinol Eye Mask (£56.50)


British make-up artist Mary Jane Frost introduced these to me and now I NEVER go anywhere special without first applying one of these before my make-up. They are cooling and calming and they hydrate the eye area perfectly.