January is detox month so how about a wardrobe cleanse? This is a good time to ditch the musty, dusty and seriously unflattering.

That ancient knitted crop top is not cool and it never has been. Read my tips, whilst you’re on a closet-clearing mission, to avoid future wardrobe disasters.

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The Short Skirt

In theory there’s nothing wrong with a short skirt. In practice how short is too short? Place your arms by your side. Is your skirt shorter than your fingertips? If so you’ve been flashing your behind. The trick here is to wear your mini with opaque tights that offer extra coverage or slip on a pair of shorts underneath.

To counteract the amount of leg on show wear your skirt with a high-necked slouchy top to cover your chest. Take inspiration from Alexa Chung and wear flats with your skirt to turn trashy into trendy. Avoid the Bridget Jones ‘skirt off sick’ routine at all costs.

The Ill-fitting Bra

Beat unnecessary sagginess and back pain by getting measured by a professional. We know 80% of women wear the wrong bra size meaning many of us are bulging here, there and everywhere. If you’re questioning your cup size or have developed random back fat get measured pronto. Much like skincare the key to success is a good base and trust me your clothes will look so much better over body flattering lingerie. For ladies with fuller busts visit a shop like Bravissimo to be fitted for the correct bra. Alternatively department stores like John Lewis and Debenhams offer comprehensive fitting services. Whilst being fitted try on different styles of bras to test which feels most comfortable.

The Muffin Top

For most women, shopping for jeans is a major operation. We know a low rise jean plus belly overhang isn’t a good look. So why do we spend hours battling with the tightest denim in the shop? Always choose clothes that fit you comfortably rather than attempting to squeeze into smaller sizes. To avoid the dreaded muffin top make sure your jeans sit securely just below your belly button. Any higher and you’ll look like Simon Cowell. Any lower and you’ll feel self conscious about your stomach. Bring a brutally honest friend on your jeans shopping trip. They’ll give you a real opinion and save you from making any poor purchases. High street labels like Gap have a great range of jeans in different styles so you aren’t always limited to a skinny cut. Alternatively visit a local independent denim boutique (like ALC in Edinburgh). They have specialist fitting knowledge that will make it easier to find the right style for you.

The Sheer Legging

This fashion faux pas is often inadvertent. Leggings can appear perfectly opaque under artificial shop lighting and become see-through in broad daylight. That means you’re not really to blame for flashing in this instance. Before buying leggings look at the manufacturer’s label to see what they’re made of and ask a friend how they look in daylight when you get home. Always wear co-ordinating underwear. That means no white thong underneath black leggings (obvious but important). If in doubt wear a longline loose fitting blouse over leggings to avoid any mishaps. Visit American Apparel for a huge variety of colours and styles or alternatively choose jeggings that are thicker and often more flattering.

Now you’re ready to hit the high-street fashion disaster free!