Six of Britain's youngest cheese fans have been appointed to become Primula Master Cheese Tasters in a bid to help British kids learn about food after research shows 1 in 3 kids think it's made from plants.

Following reports that over a third of children think cheese is made from plants, Primula has worked with primary schools to create a kids panel to help de-mystify how food is sourced and what comprises a healthy diet.

The Primula 'Cheese Board of Directors' is made up of Benjamin McGuigan aged 4; Sean Ward aged 10; Becky Ward aged 7; Amy Bradford aged 7; Matthew Brown aged 12; and Abbie Brown aged 6. 

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All six children were selected from hundreds of entries to win their dream job as 'Master Cheese Taster' as well as a position on the 'Cheese Board of Directors'. Part of their role will involve taste testing new products such as the new Primula's Kids Mild Squeezy Cheese, which launches on the 7th April and developing fun healthy new recipes for kids to cook.

All six of the Master Cheese Tasters have already created a selection of recipes which can be found on Primula's Facebook page from March 3rd, and includes Sweet Pizza Selfie, Meat Feast Mountain, Seafood Sarny and Primula Club Stack.

Amy Bradford commented on her recipe saying: "Making my Sweet Pizza Selfie was one of the best bits of my first day. It's me and my best friend made out of fruit and I used Primula to make the chocolate spread."

Benjamin McGuigan said: "Pizzas are my favourite. I made my Meat Feast Mountain so it's exploding and there's lots of tomato to make it extra tasty."

Claire Parker, Senior Marketing Manager commented: "At a time when we have growing concerns over what our kids are eating we thought forming a special 'Cheese Board of Directors' would be a fun way to help combat some of these issues.  We decided to create the panel with children to encourage them to have a real conversation with each other about food and develop a love of healthy eating and cooking that will stay with them as they grow up."

As part of their role on the 'Cheese Board of Directors' Benjamin, Sean, Becky, Amy and Matthew and Abbie will try forthcoming new Primula Squeezy Tube products, help to develop recipes to help parents incorporate more dairy into their children's diet and take part in Kavli Trust charitable initiatives.