All that winter comfort food weighing you down?

This week, Yelp brings you some delicious dishes to take your taste buds on a magic carpet ride from Glasgow to Edinburgh and back again!


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140 St Vincent Street, Glasgow

Roz M raves "I recommend the stuffed vine leaves to start and the yummy bread that's brought out with the starters is simply perfect. The Chicken Shish for main is very good. The meat and veg are full of flavour and taste exactly how you wish your own homemade kebabs could taste."


22 Nicolson Street, Newington, Edinburgh

A late-night takeaway this Syrian establishment might be, but "it's a huge mistake to write this place off as just another dodgy kebab shop," warns Alex J. "Juicy, non-greasy meat and crisp, fresh salad" are her highlights, and the vegan falafel wraps come in for high praise too.

Byblos Café

6 Park Road, Glasgow

Rocco G "picked up a delicious, traditional Lebanese style Chicken Chawarma wrap to go. The wrap was pretty darn good it has to be said, light with wonderfully spiced chicken, salad, potatoes, pickles and garlic sauce."


3 Johnston Terrace, Old Town, Edinburgh

Jurgen D took a trip to the Middle East via the tastes and decor of this Old Town eatery. "For start we had the Mushakal sharing starter; this was a delightful selection of the house's favourite starters, complete with hummus and a fresh side salad. My favourite was the Dolma, marinated vine leaves stuffed with aromatic rice."


22 Bridge Street, Glasgow

"Garlicky hummus, intriguing smoked beef, and fat olives" were the dishes that Ginerva started with. "We followed this with succulent chicken from the grill with flatbread and pasta in a spicy tomato sauce - the menu asserts that pasta was a favourite of the Pharaohs!"


26-30 Potterrow, Newington, Edinburgh

"The menu has many options to choose from" at this Kurdish restaurant, including a "special charcoal-grilled menu", says Steven M. "The food is cooked and spiced quite differently from the 'European way' so you get a real experience that you are eating something different."


411 Great Western Road, Glasgow

With "wonderfully exotic foods" you can "eat a glorious kebab like no other" while you "soak up the gentle music and the rich surroundings." Drew B loved that "it feels like we are on holiday!"


1 Antigua Street, Leith Walk, Edinburgh

"The halloumi was fabulous, slow-roasted aubergine a hit with all three of us, the solitary meat dish samosas... a hit as well," says Catriona C. Her main regret is simply that, after all of that, "sadly we were too full to try the pomegranate ice cream!"

Tchai-Ovna House of Tea

42 Otago Lane, Glasgow

Holly U loves that "the tea house's food strength lies in middle eastern cuisine, though I've had a good bowl of porridge on at least one occasion!"


41-42 West Preston Street, Newington, Edinburgh

Regular Turkey-trekker Blythe R has "a strong feeling that this is the best place for Turkish food in the city", and is a particular fan of the chicken skewers - they "locked in an excellent amount of flavour".