It's not every day that those indulging in retail therapy can enjoy a mid-shop snack from a celebrity chef (plus be part of BBC Scotland's filming schedule).

But those who found themselves on Glasgow's Buchanan Street today were able to do exactly that, as BBC 2's Landward reporters Nick Nairn and Sarah Mack pulled up in their portable cooking-mobile to offer weary shoppers the chance to sample venison, hake cakes and wild boar sausages.

The pair took to the streets from around midday and treated hungry onlookers - myself included - to the Scottish produce-based snacks.

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Nick Nairn said: "Not many would ordinarily cook and buy venison because of the preconceptions about it - that's it's too expensive, and that they won't like it.

"And in fact, many of the tasters mistook it for beef, with only one in ten being able to guess what it was correctly.

"All of them loved the meat, however".

Co-reporter Sarah Mack said: "It's a delicious cut, and a piece of wild venison is perfect for an entree for those who are unsure about it, because it's a much milder flavour than farmed venison".

The pair moved on to hake for the next 'course'.

Nick said: "Hake is a super-sustainable fish. It's mealy, like cod, but it has a different bone structure. It's cheaper than cod too - we want to big up hake!"

As the first to be offered the platter of hake cakes, it was difficult not to throw my manners out of the window and grab the biggest one (it was just before lunchtime, after all). Sense prevailed, however, and my small sample tasted all the better for just being a teaser - lemony fresh with the fleshy hake adding solidity to the creamy mash of the cake.  

As a final taste challenge, Nairn and Mack went on to cook and compare wild boar and pork sausages for the crowd.

Landward, featuring the venison taste test from Buchanan Street, airs Friday at 7pm on BBC 2.