This month's Scotland Food & Drink Excellence awards will celebrate some of the finest produce to come out of the country - and grant well-deserved recognition to the companies that make it possible.

HeraldScotland has been given a glimpse into the kitchens of the top restaurants and brands nominated, allowing us to reveal the recipes of some of their most popular dishes.

The rising popularity of venison has provided the inspiration of the first in the series - courtesy of Ratho's Bridge Inn, a finalist in the Scottish sourcing category.

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Tain venison loin, sticky red cabbage, haggis bon bons and braised shoulder boudin

For the cabbage

1 Wilt cabbage with finely diced onion, cinnamon stick, all spice and mustard seed

2 Add 120g of Demerara sugar

3 Add 200ml red wine vinegar

4 Cook under lid for approximately 25 mins or until liquid has evaporated and cabbage is sticky

5  Keep warm and ready to serve

For shank boudin

1 Braise shank until the meat falls off the bone

2 Pick the meat down and return to the pot with enough venison jus to just cover

3 Cook down until liquid is evaporated and meat is rich and sticky

4 Cool meat to blood temperature then roll in cling film to form boudin

For the venison loin

1 Trim the loin of all fat and sinew and portion to approximately 160g

2 Brush with rape seed oil and sear for 40 seconds on each side

3 Roast in oven at 185c for 3 minutes

4 Keep warm and rest for 5 minutes

5 Carve and season to taste

For the haggis bon bons

1 Allow haggis to reach room temperature

2 Roll haggis into ping pong sized balls

3 Egg wash then crumb and fry at 180c until crispy and hot

To build dish

1 Warm a large rectangular plate

2 Place sticky red cabbage in centre of the plate

3 Boudin should be heated in oven with jus

4 Delicately place boudin to the far left of the plate

5 Dress the gap betweent the bon bon and boudin with venison jus

6 Blanch your veg garnish, season, and then carefully arrange to suit your plate

7 The loin should be arranged neatly on the far right of the plate

8 Add three or four freshly picked peashoots