What is it?

A sleek-looking case that protects your mobile phone from the elements.

How will it change my life? Remember those simpler times when all a gentleman required were his wallet and a smile? Things have changed hugely with ever more gadgets and other paraphernalia. Most jacket and trouser pockets are too small to cope with this ever burgeoning cargo. But if you don't want to tote the ubiquitous man bag-style satchel that always puts me in mind of a contestant on the popular 1980s children's television programme Nightmare, options can be limited - especially when it comes to keeping your phone safe and dry during the showery Scottish summer.

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Step forward the Overboard Waterproof Phone Case. The protection compartment uses a slide seal system at the top for inserting and removing devices which works well and feels secure. The transparent fabric provides an easy way to operate the enclosed device and view what's happening on screen.

Good points? The case is waterproof to 19ft (6m) for up to 30 minutes making it ideal for underwater photography. To that end, I found it works equally well on dry land: perfect for securing not only my phone, but other items such as cash and cards when cycling in torrential rain.

The Overboard Waterproof Phone Case also comes with handy attachments to boost its usefulness such as a neck lanyard and carabiner that can clip to a belt loop.

Required to thoroughly test all functions and applications of every gadget to be reviewed, I admit there was some degree of trepidation when it came to determining the true extent of its waterproof capabilities.

With a deep breath, I lowered the case into a water-filled bathroom sink with my wife's phone zipped snugly inside. What? I wasn't going to use my own.

As you can imagine there was a lot riding on the outcome of this investigation. Thankfully Mrs D was pre-occupied with an episode of House of Cards in the half hour I conducted my tests and I'm delighted to be able to report that both her phone - and I - survived to tell the tale.

Bad points? Very few. Its simplicity means there is not much that can go wrong and I found no issues whatsoever with the pouch I tested.

Best for … Outdoor pursuits such as hiking, cycling, running and boating as the case is light, durable and effective.

Avoid if … The slider system may be a tad tricky to manoeuvre in thick gloves or with particularly cold fingers, but other than that, you are good to go.

Score 9/10, I was surprised at how well the pouch functions in and out of the water.

Overboard Waterproof Phone Case, £18.75 (over-board.co.uk)