What is it?

A wireless travel speaker for pumping music on the go.

How will it change my life? OK, a travel speaker is unlikely to have a significant impact on your life unless you spend your days performing street theatre or moonlighting as a driver in a political party's broadcast car, so why bother? Well, gone are the days when a lone book in the suitcase sufficed. Today, everything has to be connected and offer more than its core function to get - and maintain - our attention. Speaker manufacturer Divoom obviously had this in mind when developing the Voombox, a travel speaker with Bluetooth connectivity which also acts as a hands-free speakerphone for taking phone calls.

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The first thing you notice is its resemblance to a hand grenade which is in keeping with Divoom's mantra of producing indestructible-looking devices. The Voombox lives up to this description as it's heavy for its size and feels solid in the hand.

Good points? The sound quality is very impressive for such a diminutive device. The depth of the output is akin to ultrasound and feels like it's penetrating to the core. The design and manufacturing are both excellent with simple set-up and operation the main benefits of this speaker when compared to rivals.

The rechargeable battery lasts six hours, which is more than enough time to get bored and move to the next activity - although I would advise against recording a message indicating you were trapped and placing the speaker in an enclosed space for your partner to hear, as I did.

Bad points? The speaker can produce some buzz distortion when cranked up to ear-bleed levels but to be fair this is true for most output devices in this market category. The Voombox can also move if not anchored on slippery surfaces so it's best used by utilising the hanger.

Best for … Lazy days by the pool due to its splash-proof design and booming sound quality. It can be hooked up to most Bluetooth gadgets and has the standard 30 feet range so is great for setting mood music when in the elevator or about to open the hotel room door. Barry White is optional of course.

Avoid if … You'd rather just curl up with Mick Jagger's autobiography than have sympathy for the devil broadcast throughout the hotel room.

Score: 8/10. Without doubt one of the best micro speakers out there with plenty of scope for additional fun to be had.

Divoom Voombox Travel, £49.99 (divoom.com)