What is it?

Portable battery charger for all your mobile devices.

How will it change my life? I've lost count of the number of times Mrs Dimmock has called from a reporting job in a state of rage/panic/frenzy: the velodrome's wifi's down, the 3G dongle is not connecting in some remote backwater or, my favourite, the time the voice recognition software on her phone malfunctioned and started to repeat everything she said or rather screamed. All right on deadline, naturally.

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We've all been there, when technology lets you down at the most inopportune moment and you think the universe is conspiring against you. Last week I too fell foul of gadgetitis when the mobile phone I charged the night before a long trip collapsed like a narcoleptic C-3PO.

In most cases you just have to accept that electronics are susceptible to elements that can have a detrimental effect. You can mitigate them such as ensuring your 3G dongle and mobile communications are split between different network operators to maximise your chances of getting a signal when you need it most. You can also provide power redundancy for devices in the shape of portable battery packs such as the Veho Pebble.

The Pebble has power outputs for 16 and 19 volt devices which charges most lightweight gadgets including mobiles, tablets and laptops. It is sturdy and gives confidence that it won't break when dumping your bag down at the end of a long day. Its size is not much greater than a modern mobile phone and it has a rubbery coating that's easy to grip.

Good points? The Veho Pebble is shipped with connection attachments for many devices including the latest iPhone although the rate at which Apple produce proprietary technology means it's doubtful that the Pebble will be relevant for Apple owners in the near future.

The battery pack itself needs to be charged but this is relatively quick for the amount of juice it can contain. A few hours produce enough energy to completely charge a typical mobile while on the move.

Bad points? The unit could boil water it gets so hot when charging some gadgets. This could be a positive in winter to warm your hands.

Best for … Forgetful souls who are constantly seeking power sources to feed their neglected and power hungry gadgets. Festival goers should not leave home without one.

Avoid if … Your mobile is older than five years old as it can probably maintain power well beyond a week without all the modern, energy sapping trappings of wifi and connected apps.

Score: 8/10, who'd have thought a decade ago personal battery packs would be so important?

l Veho Pebble, £22.99 (veho-uk.com)