Dressed in black track trousers, matching black kicks and a golden-yellow Puma t-shirt, Usain Bolt was more than a brilliant ray of sunshine during our exclusive interview at the Commonwealth Games Glasgow 2014. 

With what felt like endless charming wit and charisma, we discussed how Usain felt about being in Scotland and what he thinks of Scottish fashion...

You are only competing in relay, why did you want to come all this way just for that?

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I've always wanted to compete in the Commonwealth Games, as at the first one I strained my hamstring so I couldn't get to go to Australia. The second one was in India in October and November so it was a bad time for me because the World Championship was coming up and obviously I got injured earlier in the season. I didn't want to take anyone's spot so I decided why not just come for the relay. I'm very happy to be here. For me, the injury is completely gone. Over the past month I've been working hard, and this is why I'm running the heats, taking my time to get myself into the right shape. 

Why do you think that Jamaicans have so many world renowned athletes?

For me, in Jamaica we have a great schools system, there is a thing called 'Boys and Girls Track' where all the schools around the island come and compete. This is where all the coaches can see all the talent and develop it in the future.

What's your advice to Scottish athletes?

My advice to all athletes in Scotland is you have to have confidence and just go out and do your best, that is the key thing in life. 

How does it feel being in Scotland and what's your take on Scottish fashion?

I've heard of the kilt. I'm expecting to see a lot of kilts and rain. I have no expectations but I want to experience the Scottish culture as I'm here for a whole week.

Do you like kilts and would you wear one?

Yes I like the kilt, but no I've not had the chance to wear one. 

What kind of kilt would you like? 

I don't like red, it's really not my colour. To be honest I was told that I was going to get one when I arrived!

Any last words?

I just want to thank my fans, they give me energy and I try my best to be the best for them.