What is it?

A dashboard camera. Drivers who use dash-cams can get a discount from a growing number of insurance companies as well as having peace of mind should they need to provide footage to prove they were not to blame for an accident.

Mio has established itself as one of the most trusted brands in dash-cam technology with the MiVue 688 one of its top models packed with desirable features.

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Good points?

Mio has gone to great lengths with the design to ensure the user experience is the best and as slick as possible.

The MiVue 688 has control buttons on the side of the unit to maximise space for the 2.7-inch screen. This allows for a far more compact device that is easy to operate without obscuring the display with fingers or having to handle it in an awkward way.

Bad points?

Its price-tag is a tad off-putting, especially when rival brands can offer alternative models that do a competent job for a fraction of the price.

Ironically, the suction clamp is so efficient at keeping the camera attached to the windscreen that it can be difficult to remove it. This can be time consuming when you're in hurry and don't want the gadget on display in less desirable neighbourhoods.

The expense is exacerbated by the lack of an included memory card.

Best for ...

Those who drive regularly and are looking for peace of mind.

Avoid if ...

You also require a rear-view camera, which would require splashing out on the more expensive MiVue 698 model.



Mio MiVue 688, £159.99 (eu.mio.com)