What is it?

A lightweight and no-nonsense bike lock. Anyone who has travelled with a bike attached to a rack on their car will know the constant, nagging sense of trepidation.

Is it secured sufficiently using a spaghetti-like tangle of bungee cords to prevent it falling off on the motorway? Will its nice, shiny frame catch the eye of would-be thieves?

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It can feel like every aspect of the journey must be planned around the safety of said bike including finding a suitable cafe for lunch with a window table overlooking your vehicle so you can keep a close eye.

The Hiplok Z Lok could go some way to help alleviate those fears. Available in red, grey and neon lime.

Good Points?

The Z Lok is reminiscent of a cable-tie but can be released with a key and has a stainless steel core that is beyond the cutting capability of scissors.

The double-sided locking mechanism makes it near impossible to tamper with without using specialist equipment.

Two or more Z Loks can be linked to extend as needed for bulkier scenarios.

You can tighten the Z Lok to fit snugly around any component without loose and dangling cables swaying in the wind.

Bad points?

No lock is completely fail-safe. The security locking system is rated as basic and a well-prepared thief could break it.

Best for ...

Those who want a slick and convenient way to secure their bike to a car rack.

Avoid if ...

You are looking for a high security lock that you can deploy for prolonged periods of unattended time.

Score: 8/10.

Hiplok Z Lok, £14.99 (hiplok.com)