What is it?

An ergonomic pen-inspired mouse.

Good Points?

Aimed primarily at those keen to avoid carpal tunnel syndrome and other repetitive strain injuries that tend to be common among desk-bound office workers, the Penclic B2 is one of the most appealing designs on the market.

It has the feel of a graphic designer's stylus and holder with the unit gliding effortlessly across the table top using even the slightest movement which reduces pressure on the wrist and joints.

The layout of the buttons has been well thought out as it didn't take long to switch from the muscle memory of traditional mouse operation and adopt the new approach.

With no software driver installation required this allows the B2 mouse to function on practically any operating system that supports Bluetooth. The supplied rechargeable battery has a stated charge life of one month from everyday use.

Bad points?

The mechanism for opening the battery compartment felt stiff and required the aid of a small flathead screwdriver in the absence of the necessary fingertip strength.

Best for ...

Those who suffer from any type of repetitive strain issues as the mouse is designed to be flexible meaning you can adjust to find a suitably comfortable position to hold it. In particular I found it very useful in helping achieve steady controlled movements in Photoshop and other precision applications.

Avoid if ...

You are likely to operate it in mostly commercial environments as the sleek build won't take the same punishment as a standard mouse.

Score: 8/10.

Penclic B2 Mouse, £93 (penclic.se)