Parties in Glasgow, Edinbugh and Aberdeen are expected to go ahead but weathermen said the sub-zero conditions would be a factor across the country, with the worst of the snow in the east.

Yesterday police, the NHS and Edinburgh City Council issued warnings to the 80,000 expected to attend the capital’s street party, described as the biggest in the world, to keep warm and drink sensibly.

Strathlcyde Police also said the 10,000 revellers due in Glasgow should stay with friends, watch their belongings and plan how to get home.

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Jim Watson, from the Met Office, said: “The weather for Hogmanay evening looks like it will be generally cold and clear, but with the risk of snow showers affecting the capital, there is a possibility there will be some further snow on the ground, perhaps two inches.

“Temperatures will be just below freezing but with a brisk north-easterly wind the chill factor will make it feel bitterly cold – more like -8C.

“Aberdeen will be very similar to Edinburgh with the risk of snow. Glasgow probably comes out better as it is more sheltered from showers, but there will be wind chill.”

Drivers faced further hazardous conditions on Scotland’s roads yesterday after another night of bitterly cold weather.

Temperatures plunged to -18C at Braemar in Aberdeenshire, the coldest night so far this winter.

The cold temperatures also caused disruption on the railways, with a number of Glasgow Central services reduced due to the severe conditions.