And it is a sadly deceased mysterious gentleman from Edinburgh who has finally answered her: money.

For Eric Gordon Douglas, of whom almost nothing is known at the moment, has left £220,000 in his will to towns across the world that share his surname.

Solicitors acting on behalf of Mr Douglas from Edinburgh, got the ball rolling on fulfilling his dying wishes by sending a cheque for £10,887.73 to Douglas Borough Council on the Isle of Man as part of the bequest.

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The council for the island’s capital have now appealed for more information on Mr Douglas to work out what to do with his donation.

Council leader David Christian said today: “There was around £220,000 left to 20 places across the globe that shared his surname.

“If we can get more information then that would be excellent. We know nothing about the gentleman apart from his name and that his lawyers told us he was from Edinburgh.

“It is very unusual and it would be nice to recognise him. Unfortunately, the will doesn’t stipulate what we should spend it on. But it’s been left to the town so we will definitely put it to good use, a nice quiet area in his memory would be a good idea.”

The donation was revealed to councillors at a policy and resource committee meeting last month. Councillor David Ashford, who also sits on the committee, said: “We are hoping to do something to recognise the gentleman.

“We went back to his lawyers and checked it was meant for us. I was surprised. We do get bequests but it’s rare for someone who has not got an association with the area to leave something.”

Anyone with information about Mr Douglas is asked to contact councillor Christian by email on or by calling Douglas Borough Council.