DONALD Trump warned the First Minister he will be remembered as "Mad Alex – the man who destroyed Scotland" if his wind energy policies continue.

The US tycoon also predicted Mr Salmond will lose whatever chance he has of leading Scotland to independence, as a country bankrupted by wind energy projects would always have to rely on others.

In a letter to the First Minister, he advises Mr Salmond: "Be smart and try to get yourself out of this mess. History has shown the world's greatest leaders were the ones that were able to change their minds through knowledge."

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Mr Trump repeated his fears about offshore wind farms as the "monstrous industrial machines you want to litter all over the magnificent waters and shore of Scotland".

His concern is focused on 11 turbines proposed off the Aberdeenshire coast near his £750 million golf development at Balmedie. Those behind that development yesterday released photographs illustrating the visual impact of the European Offshore Wind Deployment Centre (EOWDC).

The Trump Organisation suggested St Fergus, to the north, is a far more suitable site given the industrial development already there.

However, David Rodger, spokesman for the EOWDS project, said the site was carefully chosen after six years of investigation.