COMMERCIAL FEATURE: Changing your habits and creating a lifestyle you can feel good about doesn’t always have to be difficult. There are a few methods which you can adopt quickly as you seek a feel good lifestyle; from changing your look, saving money on small things like contact lenses, to donating to charity.

While there are countless ways to achieve this, these three steps are an easy and convenient starting place.

Creating a New Look

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If you’ve fallen behind with the trends lately and are looking to catch up, a great way to achieve this is to look for a new style so you look good and feel good.

Many readers may already be familiar with the experience of having mountains of clothes worn only once (or not at all) in their wardrobes. With that in mind, one of the best starting places for creating a new look is to take a hard look at your closet. Remove those clothing items that you know you won’t wear again, and send them to the nearest charity.

Carefully examine what you have chosen to keep, and put together some new combinations. That colourful jacket may be adorable when combined with solid coloured dresses that you already own.

Conversely, a solid coloured jacket could be a nice way to tone down a wildly patterned outfit. Either jacket could be used to dress up a pair of jeans and a casual top. Practice mixing and matching your clothing until you come up with some fresh new looks.

Now that you know what clothing you already have, you may want to do a little shopping for accessories and a few basic items you need to replace. You may want to start with good-fitting jeans, sharp black slacks, pretty blouses and a couple of dresses from stores like Jigsaw.

Save Money on Small Thing Like Contact Lenses

Many of us have no idea how much money we waste on little things unnecessarily. Small amounts of money can add up to a lot over time, and create a lot of stress as you find yourself struggling to make ends meet at the end of the month. However, when you take a proactive approach to saving money, you will feel less stressed over your finances, and much better about yourself.

Being frugal does not mean you have to settle for poor quality. For example, contact lens wearers can save a lot of money by ordering their contacts online. You simply need to have the prescription details from your optician, and you can place the order yourself, often at substantial savings. There are a number of websites such as Lenstore, where you can buy contact lenses online, which sell the lenses prescribed by opticians - such as Acuvue and CIBA Vision.

Donate to Charities

Research shows that people who are involved in charitable work tend to feel better about their lives. One children’s charity in the UK is Great Ormond Street children’s hospital, who provide world-class care for children and their families. Their work includes supporting research and funding the most up-to-date equipment. If you are unsure about how to get started, contact a local children’s hospital and see if they need donations or volunteer help.

Redesigning your look, saving money on small things (which over time add up to a lot of money) and giving to charities are all quick and easy ways to make yourself feel good about yourself and help others. While there are always more ways to create a feel good lifestyle, it’s best not to change too many things at once, but to do it gradually.