COMMERCIAL FEATURE: Hybrid cars are fast becoming the most popular choice for individuals who are looking to drastically reduce their carbon footprint and save money on fuel at the same time.

Those put off by the recent economic instability will be glad to know that owning and driving a new car is not a far-off pipe dream but an easily achievable reality.

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The economy is not as bad as you think

Whilst it’s true that Britain has seen more than a little turbulence in recent years regarding credit and loans, the facilities still exist to find the best new car deals. The one big problem that caused a snowball effect on British banks was high-risk loans.

Nowadays banks are more careful with the money they loan to individuals. People who have a good credit rating and have borrowed money before will have no problem attaining a loan with great interest rates. Those with less positive credit backgrounds will still have access to plenty of credit options but with perhaps higher interest payments.

Similarly, the government and national banks provide direct financial incentives for individuals looking to invest in low emission technology. These incentives are the perfect encouragement for those looking to invest in the future of motoring, and are a great way to reward businesses and individuals for their ecological dedication.

Petrol prices are rising constantly

There has been a significant rise in the cost of fuel overseas. Whilst it has not fully hit Britain yet, there is an extremely strong chance that it will. Petrol driven cars can be notoriously hard on the wallet. Over time they will cause more inconvenience than may be considered worthwhile.

On the other hand, hybrid carsoffer an extremely cheap alternative to petrol driven vehicles. Able to run for increasingly long periods of time on battery power alone, they are rapidly becoming a genuine alternative to traditional combustion engines.

Waiting for fuel prices to increase in the UK could see a fast rise in the price of hybrid cars due to the demand that high petrol prices will undoubtedly create. Investing now can see you stay ahead of this curve.

Stay ahead of technology

It’s also important that you stay ahead of technology and aware of the benefits that not only hybrid cars but the hybrid motor industry in general can offer. This is not just about running costs, but performance, in-car safety and on-board electro-mechanics. Whether you are in the market for a small car or something a little larger, all of these areas will have undergone extensive development before hitting the production line.