THE civil war within Scottish Labour between Glasgow and Holyrood has ended with the departure of one of the party's senior officials.

It was a battle which pitched the Glasgow HQ and its allegiance to London HQ and MPs, against Scottish leader Johann Lamont and her own team based at Holyrood.

When Rami Okasha was suspended from his HQ role as head of strategy, communication and policy, it was clear which way the war was going.

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He left yesterday after almost five years with the party, saying: "Being at the heart of a political party is a real privilege and I have worked alongside tremendously talented people.

"I have been part of a team running the last European, General and Scottish elections, winning three parliamentary by-elections, and this year's local authority campaign, so now is a good time to move on to new challenges. I strongly support Johann in her efforts to build a new Scottish Labour Party and look forward to playing any role I am asked."

Ms Lamont thanked him for his work, as did new Scottish Labour secretary Iain McNicol.