COMMERCIAL FEATURE: With its global debut at the 2012 Australian International Motor Show, it appears as if Mazda have given their CX-9 SUV a significant face-lift.

The model, Mazda's only SUV offering, combines typical elements of sport utility vehicles with aspects of earlier CX-5 models. Its appearance is overall sleeker on the outside and more of a technologically innovative interior.

With an amalgamation of past and present, the model includes the existing driving dynamics of the CX model, keeping what worked.

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The interior designs are specific, including the latest technology available in terms of speech recognition and navigation, which ensure an enhanced experience.

On top of this, excellent safety features are also included: among them are Forward Obstruction Warning, which detects the presence of a possible collision and warns the driver, High Beam Control, which controls the high- and low-beams during times of low visibility, and Blind Spot Monitoring, which enables the vehicle to identify any vehicles approaching in the blind spot.

Outside, the front bumper has been given an important revamp, giving it a more pointed appearance and contributing to the previously mentioned sleek design that wasn't present in the previous model.

Elsewhere on the car, the powerful 20-inch aluminium wheels are freshly made for the ambitious product and the decorative design on the doors' interior as well as the seats is playful without ever losing its professional appearance.

The model comes in three new colours: Meteor Grey Mica, Zeal Red Mica and Brilliant Black, each emphasising the impressive form of the model as well as its increased sophistication. For those into connectivity, the model also includes a USB port and Bluetooth utilisation which updates the previous models.

In terms of the model's specifications, the CX-9 hasn't changed extravagantly. It continues to use its MZI 3.7-litre V6 engine as well as the previous model's six-speed automatic transmission with shift mode.

Comprehensively, the model has advanced the previous incarnations in three ways: by increasing the balance between traditional and contemporary features, by enhancing the car's general stability and, finally, by implementing the new 'KODO - Soul of Motion' brand into the design.

Though the new model is imposing, a perfect balance, from the front grille to the rear bumper, gives the CX-9 an attractive rhythm, characterising the style and confidence of the car.