THE Yes Scotland pro- independence campaign has stepped up its bid to win support among Labour voters.

Leaders of the campaign addressed a meeting organised by Labour for Independence, a fringe group set up by professional wrestler Allan Grogan.

Dennis Canavan, the former Labour MP and Independent MSP who chairs Yes Scotland, told supporters: "An independent Scotland could lead to a revival of the Scottish Labour Party because many of Scottish Labour's problems stem from the fact that it has been de-radicalised through its ties to London."

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Mr Grogan claims his group has the support of "quite a few" paid-up Labour Party members.

Other speakers at the meeting at Glasgow Caledonian University included Yes Scotland chief executive Blair Jenkins, trade unionist Tommy Brennan, and musician Ricky Ross.

But Labour's constitution spokeswoman Patricia Ferguson said: "This really seems like desperate stuff from the Yes Scotland campaign. Trying to claim Ricky Ross as a Labour supporter when he was a founding member of Artists for Independence as far back as the 1980s is just absurd. It begs the question of how many other supporters of this group are really just SNP supporters."