CHILDLINE is to recruit more than 200 volunteers to go into Scottish primary schools to help children understand abuse and neglect.

Many of the people who call the NSPCC's ChildLine service have been suffering in silence for months or years before speaking out.

Now the charity wants to help under-11s understand abuse in all its forms, as well as how to keep safe and where to get help.

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ChildLine has trained 37 volunteers who have spoken to more than 15,000 children this year. But they need another 200 volunteers to reach every primary five and six child.

Benjamin Napier, ChildLine Schools Service manager for Scotland, said: "NSPCC research shows that an average of two children in every primary school classroom suffer abuse or neglect and most cases go undetected.

"Most children who contact ChildLine are over 11 years of age, however many of these children suffered in silence for months or even years before eventually finding the courage to contact ChildLine. If we are really serious about stopping child abuse, we need to reach these children when they are younger.

"Volunteers are key to the new service so it is vital that local people come forward."

Would-be volunteers are urged to contact the charity through its website,