A BBC cycling documentary has been described as "stupid and inaccurate" by an MP who said it could lead to more confrontations on the roads.

The hour-long War On Britain's Roads is described by the BBC as "a dramatic insight into the unfolding tension" on the roads and includes footage of aggressive altercations between cyclists and drivers.

Ian Austin MP, who chairs the Parliamentary Cycling Group, said the programme, which is due to be shown on BBC1 on Wednesday, was "stupid, simplistic, irresponsible nonsense".

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He said it presented footage of dangerous stunts by cyclists filmed for a commercial production as if it was "normal behaviour by everyday cyclists".

Mr Austin said: "I am not in favour of banning programmes, but I don't see why garbage like this should be produced in the first place and if the BBC insists on showing it, they have a duty to ensure that it is placed in context.

"Nine out of ten cyclists also drive cars, so it is not just dangerous to promote a culture of confrontation on the roads which will make cycling and driving both more dangerous, but also inaccurate."