A FLOOD clean-up operation is still ongoing nearly three weeks after the River Forth burst its banks in Aberfoyle.

Businesses in the village bore the brunt of the flooding and are still trying to get back to normal.

Stirling Council is contacting them and other local people in an attempt to piece together the chain of the events that led to the flooding on November 19.

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Tristan Crank, proprietor of the Forth Inn in Main Street, said: "We are still in a bit of pickle just now because of the flooding.

"It looks as though we will be closed until March, which is a bit of a blow as we normally do quite well at this time of year."

Elspbeth Watt, manager of the Guyana Garden Centre on Main Street, said: "We were closed for a day but managed to open the next day. However, it was very hard work getting everything cleared up. There was a lot of damage inside and we are still clearing up outside.

"It was waist high outside and inside five to six inches. We haven't heard anything yet from the council. If there was any compensation going it would be most welcome."

Brenda Louw who runs Chill Out, which deals in holistic therapies, handcrafts and gifts, was also hit with the shop having to close for most of the week.

She said: "We had a lot of water, about seven inches. We had carpets and stock on the floor so there was considerable damage."

Strathard Community Council said that over the last few years there had been several flooding incidents affecting Aberfoyle and people in the surrounding villages.

It said: "We've been waiting for results from a Stirling Council flooding study for this area."

A council spokeswoman said: "We are gathering precise information about the number of properties affected. At this stage it is believed that most were commercial properties in Main Street."