Further evidence of the creeping effects of Americanisation and celebrity culture on Scotland is provided today by the top 100 league tables of new baby names in 2012.

Jack is still the most popular boys' name, with Lewis in second place - both for a fifth consecutive year. And Sophie is the most popular girls' name for the eighth year in a row.

But the revealing trend comes in the big climbers in both charts from the National Records of Scotland.

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Riley has jumped 11 places to number three in the boys’ rankings, and there are also big leaps for Max (+15), Tyler (+20), Mason (+13), all of which are now in the Top 20.

Their ascendancy reflect the American trend for using a surname as a first name.

The new parents’ choice of Riley could have been inspired by American film and TV actor Riley Smith, star of 90210 and Not Another Teen Movie, and also lead singer in the band The Life Of Riley.

Mason’s rise may pay homage to the nephew of Kim Kardashian, from the reality TV show Keeping Up with The Kardashians.

In the girls’ list, the main climber is Amelia, who jumped 20 places to number 9, perhaps in tribute to last year’s X Factor contestant Amelia Lily.

Lower down the list, Poppy (+11), Orla (+19), Lexi (+12), Hollie (+18), Amber (+11), and Lacey (+12) show the biggest growth in popularity.

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