A DRUG dealer who played a key part in an international cocaine ring that linked Colombia, the Caribbean and Scotland made an estimated £1.2 million from his trade, a judge has heard.

But Sohaib Qureshi, 35, once described as a millionaire property tycoon, was ordered to hand over just £70,000.

Father-of-three Qureshi, of Bearsden, East Dunbartonshire, will have to give up his stake in a restaurant in the city's west end to meet the confiscation. If the Crown traces any other assets in future, it can come back for more. Lawyers had to sift through 14,000 documents relating to property in Scotland and as far away as Dubai.

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Qureshi – who maintains his innocence – is serving a 12-year jail sentence after his trial heard how high-purity cocaine was sourced in Colombia and the Dominican Republic. Two associates, Ronald Augustine, 53, and David Byrne, 37, both of Glasgow, were also jailed.