Glasgow City Council has been told to think again by the families of those affected by its proposal to close three day centres.

The message came from the council's own carers' reference group, set up last September to advise on issues affecting family members and friends in the city who care for someone who is ill or disabled.

In November the council announced plans to close three day centres for people with learning disabilities, leaving just four to cover the whole of Glasgow.

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The council's Carers' Champion, Dr Christopher Mason, reported earlier this month that carers were unhappy with the plans and called for a wider review of all services for those with learning disabilities. Now that call has been backed by the council's Carers' Reference Group, who have asked Dr Mason to send a formal response to every councillor.

Dr Mason said: "The view of the Carers' Reference Group is that the council should discontinue its consideration of the future of the Learning Disability Day Centres until there has been a review of the whole range of the services currently provided."