A novel by a Glasgow writer that has proven to be a hit as an e-book is to be re-released in paperback by Edinburgh publishers Black & White.

Daniela Sacerdoti has sold 100,000 copies of her novel Watch Over Me in e-book form and now it will be published again as a traditional paperback book.

The novel follows a woman's escape to her childhood home in the Highlands from a failing marriage and overbearing family.

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Campbell Brown, managing director, said the e-book success would "help us develop the way we publish".

He added: "We initially published a trade paperback of the book in late 2011 – it was a debut novel so our expectations had to be realistic, even for such a terrific book and especially in a crowded new fiction marketplace.

"We started our e-book programme towards the end of 2011, through Faber Factory, and did an e-book of Watch Over Me at that time. Then it was chosen for the Amazon Summer Reading promotion – in August it sold a phenomenal number of copies.

"Our aim now is to find that other 70% of the market that still prefers the printed book."

Ms Sacerdoti has also written books called Dreams, Part One of the Sarah Midnight Trilogy, and Really Weird Removals.