COMIC Frankie Boyle has made a cruel swipe at cancer sufferer Jeremy Kyle.

The controversial Scot was branded "vile" on Twitter after poking fun at the chat show host, who confirmed he was recovering from testicular cancer earlier this week.

Boyle, who has previous form for making light of cancer victims, sent the Jeremy Kyle joke to his 1.2 million followers yesterday.

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The 40-year-old, from Glasgow, wrote: "Cancer doesn't discriminate, which actually makes it morally superior to Jeremy Kyle."

Despite it being re-tweeted more than 1000 times, Boyle came under fire from furious Twitter users.

Follower Fay Barsby wrote: "Can't explain how much I hate Frankie Boyle, vile man. Who jokes about cancer?" Chard Worralls branded him "cruel".

Jan Mogford wrote: "I love you Frankie but being a cancer survivor myself, please don't knock JK."

Kyle, 47, had surgery and chemotherapy after doctors diagnosed a "toxic" testicular tumour.

Boyle came under fire for joking about cancer sufferers on his Channel 4 show Tramadol Nights in 2010.