TWO men in a van matching one bought in the name of a murder suspect were seen dumping items and burning them following the disappearance of a businesswoman, a court heard.

Lynda Spence, 27, vanished from Glasgow in April 2011 and four men are on trial for her torture and killing despite her body never being found.

Alistair McCallum, 60, told police he saw a yellow van at a property neighbouring his in Carsehead, North Ayrshire.

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In the statement read to the High Court in Glasgow, he said he remembered "a van coming up and someone taking some stuff out and setting fire to it".

He identified the van as yellow with the registration DU07 NKE, the same as a model the jury heard had been bought in the name of accused Philip Wade, 42.

Archibald Simpson told the jury that a yellow van was bought by a man and a woman at his car dealership in Bo'ness on April 16, two days after Ms Spence was allegedly abducted.

A credit card transaction showing the £3750 purchase in the name of Wade was shown to the court.

Later, the wrong witness was called to give evidence. David Henderson, 42, was cited, but when Mr Henderson began speaking it was clear he was not the intended witness.

Wade, Colin Coats, 42, David Parker, 38, and Paul Smith, 47, deny torturing Ms Spence before murdering her and burning items from the flat where she was allegedly held in a bid to escape justice. The charge states they burned the items at a property in Dalry.

Wade's sister Gillian, 35, told the court their brother Brian had lived there. The trial continues.