A missing businesswoman alleged to have been murdered may have created fake email addresses for two people she said were involved in one of her business deals, a court has heard.

Emails were sent from Lynda Spence's account to people claimed to be a Qatar-based "Uncle Ben" and a London-based "Adam Grange" copying in Colin Coats – one of the men accused of murdering her.

The High Court in Glasgow heard the address for Uncle Ben was set up using the internet connection at the Rio Cafe in Partick, Glasgow, which was known among her friends as "Lynda's Partick office".

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Emails sent and received by Adam Grange were accessed using a BT internet connection at PC Pixel in Great Western Road, the court heard.

Derek Ogg, QC, defending Coats, asked Detective Constable Terry Graham: "Putting this in context, Uncle Ben, Adam Grange and Lynda Spence are all one and the same person, isn't that right?" He agreed.

Emails of a conversation between Coats and a solicitor that "Uncle Ben" had claimed was organising Ms Spence and the accused man's power of attorney as part of a deal were read out to jurors.

However, a reply from the solicitor said the firm did not know Ben from Qatar, and they had never acted for him.

Coats, Philip Wade, both 42, David Parker, 38, and Paul Smith, 47, have pled not guilty to abducting, torturing and murdering Ms Spence.

The trial before Lord Pentland continues.