COMPLAINTS about telecoms and pay television providers continued to fall during the last quarter, although grievances about TalkTalk and BT remain well above the industry average, Ofcom figures show.

TalkTalk generated 0.36 complaints per 1000 landline customers between October and December – a fall on the previous quarter but almost double those of its competitors.

BT complaints fell slightly from 0.21 complaints to 0.20, also above the industry average, while Sky and Virgin Media generated complaints below the average.

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Orange drew the most complaints among broadband providers at 0.70 per 1000 customers, an increase on three months earlier. Com- plaints peaked in October when Orange withdrew its free broadband offer unless customers also bought line rental from the company.

TalkTalk was the second-most complained-about broadband provider, and a drop on the previous quarter still had it handling more complaints than the industry average.

BT also generated above average complaints, while Sky's service attracted the fewest.