The Scottish Government has paid £3 million for hundreds of life-changing devices for diabetics amid a "disappointing" uptake by health boards.

Ministers made a commitment to supply a quarter of under-18s who have diabetes with an insulin pump, but some health boards have yet to provide them.

A further 660 insulin pumps, which avoid the need for injections, will now be made available.

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Public Health Minister Michael Matheson said: "It is very encouraging that some boards have already met our ambitious commitment to ensure that 25% of children and teens with Type 1 diabetes now have access to a pump. Since 2009 we have more than doubled the total number of people on insulin pumps and the number of people starting insulin-pump therapy each year.

"While we welcome the progress made, I am disappointed not all boards have yet met the commitment and I remain determined that they continue to work towards this rightly ambitious goal.That is why we are providing this additional investment, to support boards to deliver their action plans."

Jane-Claire Judson, national director of Diabetes UK Scotland, said: "This small piece of equipment, the size of a mobile phone, can be life-changing for people with Type 1 diabetes."