A Scots MP who claimed he successfully applied for a payday loan under a false name has clarified that it was not through a well-known lender.

Edinburgh West LibDem Mike Crockart told the House Of Commons that after he had received a number of text messages advertising the website www.txt4payday.com, he applied under his own name for a £200 loan to be repaid over a month.

The Commons had been told the website directed him to the QuickQuid website, where he was offered a £400 loan to be paid back over three months.

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Mr Crockart had claimed this prompted him to visit www.txt4payday.com again and fill in the Boris Peep details. He did not specify who approved that application and said he had been passed on to a separate website and not QuickQuid.

Now Mr Crockart has said the second time he applied - as Boris Peep - he was passed on to WageDayAdvance. He added: "I didn't specify where I had been directed to. It wasn't QuickQuid and that is why I clarified it."