A 20-YEAR-OLD bus firm will stay on the road after winning an appeal against a ruling that it should be stripped of its licence amid questions over its financial standing.

Ian Cunningham, director of Glasgow-based City Sprinter, said he was delighted after an appeal tribunal in Edinburgh took less than three minutes to throw out the original ruling by the Deputy Traffic Commissioner for Scotland, bringing to an end a three-month fight to save the company.

Mr Cunningham said the battle had cost the business more than £7000 in legal fees and caused uncertainty for staff and passengers.

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He said: "You have the public wondering to buy a £10 season ticket because they don't know whether there's going to be a bus to catch. It has a desperate effect and a very adverse effect economically and personally - for us and the drivers and their families who are worried about their jobs.

"We're big boys and we'll take it on the chin and we will grow stronger out of the whole thing."

The Herald revealed in October that the Sprinter was to be stripped of its licence after the company failed to provide evidence to the Traffic Commissioner of "appropriate financial standing" following a public inquiry into the operator.

However, it is understood that documents were supplied, but that they were delivered one day late - within 15 days instead of the specified 14-day timetable.

An appeal was lodged and City Sprinter was allowed to continue operating pending the outcome of the appeal, which was heard in Edinburgh on Wednesday.