A football fan caught with a smoke bomb hidden in his underpants has been banned from attending matches for two years.

Nicholas Simmers, 18, was found to have three smoke bombs on him outside Tannadice Park in Dundee on New Year's Day.

He was stopped by police before the Dundee United v Aberdeen clash and admitted possessing the items, one of which was concealed in his underwear.

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Simmers, from Aberdeen, pled guilty to a charge of possessing a controlled article at a sports ground, prosecutors said.

He was given a two-year football banning order at Dundee Sheriff Court and ordered to carry out 160 hours of unpaid work, the Crown Office confirmed.

The banning order means he is barred from all regulated football matches throughout the UK while it is in force.

Vicki Bell, football liaison prosecutor for the North of Scotland, said: "The use of smoke bombs or any pyrotechnics at football games is potentially very dangerous and will not be tolerated.

"Police and prosecutors will prevent their use wherever possible and prosecute anyone caught using or in possession of smoke bombs and flares."